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Brian J Smyth

Brian J. Smyth

Brian graduated from DCU with a degree in Business Studies in 2006 and currently leads Innovation for Accenture's Communications and Media Industry globally. In this role he works with leading organisations to bring together disruptive technology, ecosystem partnerships and new commercial models to rapidly bring new services to the market that drive organic growth. Brian is passionate about culture change and brings new ways of working to large organisations enabling them transform speed of operations and boost employee engagement. Brian also manages Accenture’s partnership with a number of accelerators and industry associations and led the design and set up of The Dock, Accenture’s global R&D centre in Dublin. Outside of Accenture, Brian served as National President of JCI Ireland which is part of Junior Chamber International, the worldwide leadership development organisation and has sat on the board of the Docklands Business Forum. Brian is also a current member of DCU Alumni Council representing DCU’s 80,000 alumni worldwide.