Justin Doyle Biography

Justin Doyle is the Deputy Director of Information Systems Services (ISS). He has worked in a variety of technical and managerial roles with ISS since joining the University in 1999. He has served on numerous working groups and committees over the years, collaborating with academic and professional colleagues, to serve the wider DCU community and advance strategic initiatives. He has also represented DCU on many working groups across the education sector, always promoting the DCU brand and bringing learnings back to the DCU community.

Justin has been part of many significant change initiatives across the organisation. He was in a managerial role in ISS as the organisation navigated the very complex Incorporation process over a number of years. He has played a key role in how ISS responded to the Covid emergency, including leading the initiative to deliver an online examinations platform. In his current role, he is responsible for cybersecurity, which has become a collaborative organisational effort to protect DCU. 

Justin is passionate about contributing to the continuing progress and success of DCU.

Justin obtained a degree in Psychology at University College Dublin (BA, 1993), a degree in Computer Applications at DCU (BSc, 2002) and an Executive Masters of Business Administration also at DCU (MBA, 2014).