Michele Pringle Biography

Michele Pringle is a Senior Faculty Subject Matter Expert on the SIS Programme, having recently moved from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing where she served as Faculty Manager for 15 years. Michele was privileged to act as a member of the Faculty Management Team from 2005-2021.   Prior to joining DCU, Michele was the Academic Services Manager at Queen Mary University of London.   Ever keen to develop both personally and professionally, Michele earned a degree in Information Systems and Management from the University of London  before completing a Masters in Operations Management (DCU Open Education, 2011)

Michele has served on a number of University-level Committees and recently stepped down as a member of DCU Executive having served her term ending in 2021.  Over her career to date, Michele has served variously as a member of the Institutional Review 2018 - CINNTE Steering group and as a composite part of the Quality Promotions Committee [2014 - 2017].  A conscientious citizen of the DCU community, Michele has worked actively to support the University in carrying out the role of rapporteur for the University's Library Quality review in 2015 which was taking place at a time when the University was in the process of Incorporation.  Michele promotes change and promotes equality,  and contributes as a member of the Women in Leadership Working group [2016 to present].