PD.Education by DoctoralNet

The Graduate Studies Office at DCU provides additional digital services aimed at helping research students to complete their doctoral or master's studies quickly and efficiently.  All DCU research students have access to PD.Education by DoctoralNet (formerly known as DoctoralNet), an online support tool which aims to help you work through your research degree.


Accessing PD.Education by DoctoralNet

Each academic year students will receive an email (DCU email address) from PD.Education by DoctoralNet detailing the services provided, and alerting you to your username and password. 

Note that even if you had this service last year, this is a new registration and you will receive these reminders again. PD.Education by DoctoralNet will send you personalised emails on forthcoming webinars and/or tools that are known to be useful during your current research phase. We understand, however, that you do not need these supports all the time so anyone who wants to personalise this communication can do so by signing into the accounts section on the website. The User Manual was developed to provide detailed overview on content and various support tools available to research students.


Webinars and Training Sessions

The webinar/training sessions and other professional development tools offered as a part of the PD.Education by DoctoralNet digital services is growing on an ongoing basis. The current topics include:

    • Wellness
    • Academic Writing
    • Argumentation
    • Criticality
    • Getting Published
    • Research Design
    • Thesis Design & Proposal
    • Tools & Hacks
    • Graduation Preparation
    • Job Preparation

The content can be further searched by type; Articles, Self-Assessment/Automations, Downloads, Maps, Slides, Learning Snippets, Videos and Webinars. For more details, please refer to the ‘User Manual’ and, more importantly, logon to your account and explore what the PD.Education by DoctoralNet has to offer.


Mobile Apps

PD.Education by DoctoralNet also provides Android app to help you find the graduate resources you need.

We hope that you find the tools to be useful and that it provides additional help and guidance in your research planning. If at any stage you have any feedback about this support please do email us at training.graduatestudies@dcu.ie.


Webinars on PD.Education by DoctoralNet

To view the upcoming webinars for September, please view the details via this link.