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Tell It Straight 2020 - The Final

Tell It Straight challenges research students to communicate their research, and its potential impact, to a non-specialist audience in a concise, dynamic and innovative way. The ability to communicate research in a manner that is free from
jargon is a crucial skill for research students.

The final of Tell It Straight 2020 will take place in the U Student Centre on Wednesday 25th March 2020.  

Register to attend the final of Tell It Straight 2020

This competition provides a forum for staff and students to hear about research taking place across the University, 
not just in a particular discipline. Come along to support DCU research students as they present their work in either a five-miute oral presentation or a two minute video.

Competition Categories
Category 1: Oral Presentation (research students in year 1 only)
1st prize €400, runner-up €150
Category 2: Oral Presentation (research students in year 2 or later)
1st prize €400, runner-up €150
Category 3: YouTube Video (open to research students in all years)
1st prize €400, runner-up €150