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Annual Leave | FAQ's

Annual Leave FAQ's

Can a staff member take payment in lieu of Annual Leave?

Payment in lieu of annual leave is not permitted. The Manager must ensure that the staff member is given the opportunity to take accrued leave during the calendar year / before the end of a fixed term contract. In exceptional circumstances, staff who are leaving the organisation may receive payment in lieu of a small amount of untaken accrued leave.

Can Annual Leave be carried over?

In exceptional circumstances, the Manager can approve a maximum carry over, for an individual, of up to 5 days leave into the new calendar year. For example, it may not have been possible to approve all of an individual’s leave entitlement due to other staff being on sick leave and having to maintain adequate cover of a busy service area. In this example, it is appropriate for up to 5 days carry over to be approved. For advice and guidance on annual leave carry over, please liaise with the designated HR Business Partner for your School/Unit.

What happens if a staff member is sick during a period of annual leave?

Certified sick leave occurring during a period of annual leave, if notified immediately, will have the effect of cancelling authorised annual leave. Annual leave will not then be resumed until the staff member returns to work or provides evidence of fitness to return to work. For further information regarding sick leave please refer to the Sick Leave policy.

What happens to Annual Leave when a staff member is acting up to a higher grade?

A staff member who is acting in a higher grade is entitled to the annual leave (pro rata) applicable to the higher grade during the period of the acting arrangement.

Are Public holidays in addition to the Annual Leave entitlement?

Yes. Staff members benefit from a day off on the following public holidays, in addition to their annual leave:

  • Christmas Day
  • St Stephen's Day
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Easter Monday
  • The first Monday in May, June and August
  • The last Monday in October
  • New Year's Day
Staff members will also benefit from a day off on Good Friday (although it's not a public holiday).

How is annual leave calculated for a staff member on reduced days / hours?

Annual Leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you work 4 days a week (80% of the normal working week) then you are entitled to 80% of the full-time annual leave entitlement for your grade.

If I am on a contract of less then 12 months, how is my annual leave calculated?

Annual Leave will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you are on a 7 month contract then you are entitled to annual leave of 7/12th's of the annual entitlement.

Do I qualify for the Additional Leave Scheme?

If you have been at the top of your salary scale for three years or more you may be eligible for additional annual leave. Please refer to the Additional Annual Leave Scheme for full details.