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Annual Leave | Manager Checklist

Annual Leave | Manager Checklist

As a Manager you need to be familiar with staff leave entitlement as laid out in the Annual Leave Policy.


  • Ensure staff avail of their full annual leave entitlement within the calendar year (1st Jan – 31st December).
  • Approve annual leave in advance of the staff member taking leave.
  • Approve Annual Leave requests in a timely manner, taking into account the operational needs of the department, as well as the staff member’s family responsibilities, and opportunities for rest and recreation.
  • Ensure the staff member takes as much leave as possible before the end of the calendar year or before the end of a fixed term contract.
  • Contact coretime@dcu.ie if you are unsure of pro-rata entitlements for staff on reduced hours or contracts of less than 12 months.
  • Annual Leave requests are either submitted to you online through the CoreTime system (See guide below) or by a manual annual leave form made available to staff from HR. DCU is phasing out the manual recording of leave. If you are unsure of how this applies in your area, please contact your HR Business Partner. Online requests are automatically recorded. It is your responsibility to ensure records are kept for leave approved using the manual process.

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Find help on how to manage leave through CoreTime.