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Collaborate: Your Career, Your Future.

An Inter-University Programme for Mid-Career Professional Services Colleagues

We are delighted to announce our ONLINE Inter-University Peer Mentoring Programme 2023-'24 - for admin, professional and support colleagues, Grades P4 to P7. 

Please apply by Tuesday 7th November, 5pm.


You will:

  • Grow and develop personally and professionally drawing on the knowledge and experience of colleagues in participating institutions
  • Join a group of up to 45 participants from various Irish universities, and together we will become a community sharing our experiences and growth
  • Be led by cross-university HR Managers, together with an expert panel of invited speakers
  • Explore 5 key areas - influencing, leadership presence, networking, collaboration, being strategic, dealing with challenging behaviours and career development
  • Work together in an open, inclusive, and confidential manner 


Time for each event - 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Module 1  - Thursday, 30th November 2023 - Being Strategic. Dr. Jean Hughes, Associate Director of University Initiatives at DCU.

Module 2 - Thursday, 14th December 202 3 - Developing Your Career. Panel Session - John Hannon, Director of Student Services, University of Galway; Laura Lynch, Head of Organisational Development, People & Culture, Queens University Belfast; Sarah McElwee, TU Dublin Head of Change Management and Niamh Mullen, Career Development Advisor RCSI.

Module 3 - Thursday, 25th January 2024 - Developing Your Leadership Presence, Paddy Lavelle, Career Perspectives. 

Module 4  - Thursday, 22nd February 2024 - Dealing with Challenging Behaviours facilitated by Centre4learning.

Module 5 - Thursday, 21st March 2024 - Collaboration, Networking and Managing Boundaries. Dr. John McGinnity, Maynooth University.

More info on each Module 

What is an Action Learning Set?

Our Collaborate programme uses action learning sets, a proven way to enhance learning  which are 'by taking time to question, understand and reflect, to gain insight and consider how to act in the future’. Weinstein, 1999

It's a powerful method for self-development and for individuals to learn from each other. We'll work on real challenges, using the knowledge and support of a peer group combined with skilled questioning and listening to reflect, create new ideas and drive action.

Where action learning sets are used each participant must prepare their challenge in advance, and bring a live problem to the event. Each participant will have ten minutes hence preparation is key. 

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience and a person who is new to that experience. The role of a peer mentor is to provide guidance, support, and expertise to someone at the same career stage. Peer mentors should encourage their peers to take responsibility for their own development by enabling them to self-reflect, clarify understanding, challenge assumptions, consider different perspectives and make decisions.

This programme is only open to for admin, professional and support colleagues from Grades P4 to P7. 

Please apply using our application form by Tuesday 7th November, 5pm.