COVID-19 Working Arrangements Toolkit

Employee Checklists


Returning to campus after working from home during for a period may pose challenges for you, including normalising your new work environment where social isolation is expected (only 20% of employees will be on campus at any one time) and standard communications among yourself and your peers has changed.

  • Every employee has a personal responsibility in minimising the risks of exposure to COVID-19 when working on campus. The majority of employees will be expected to work from home.
    • Make sure you adhere to the schedule drawn up by your school or unit.
    • Complete the Return to Work Form to your manager at least 3 days before arriving on campus.
    • Complete the Induction Training before arriving on campus.
    • Download the Safezone App to your 
    • Download the Safezone App to your phone and use it to ‘check in’ when on campus.
    • Continue to practice strict social distrancing and hand hygiene.
    • If you are very high risk you must not attend campus.
    • When on campus, minimise your geographical footprint, both within buildings and across campus.
    • If you feel unwell after returning to campus, or have contact with an infected case, go to the designated isolation room and wait whilst arrangements are made for you to go home.
    • Note that taking leave attributed to the Coronavirus will not affect your sick leave.  
  • Develop a growth mindset: Developing a growth mind-set can help you deal with the struggles you encounter. Starting each day with positive aspirations can help set the scene for a good day. Be sure to take care of yourself and to be thankful for any positives that come your way.
  • Get the skills you need: In order to be able to work well in a hybrid work environment there are certain skills you need, including how to use Zoom, how to give presentations, and how to collaborate and communicate remotely. Keep your eye out for Learning and Development workshops that bridge any learning gaps you might have and use the LinkedIn Learning platform to source suitable training.  

Printable checklist


  • Agree work to be carried out with your Line Manager while you are working remotely.  Make sure you are clear about what is expected of you
  • Ensure you have up-to-date contact details of your Manager and Team to enable regular communication.
  • Maintain regular contact with your line manager regarding work and any challenges or issues that you may be experiencing.
  • Be available during normal business hours (where possible) for calls and meetings by phone, zoom or other agreed methods.  
  • Stay in touch and keep connected with your team, colleagues and friends at the University.
  • Please be aware that University Policies and Procedures remain in place at this time, along with normal reporting requirements
  • Please ensure you follow the advice of the Data Protection Officer about Data Protection – Working From Home
  • Please ensure to follow the advice of ISS Advice Remote Working
  • Ensure to follow all the advice and guidelines as outlined in the Return to Work on Campus Policy and the HSE Advice and Guidelines

Printable checklist