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Employment Permits

Work Permits

Work permits are issued for a select number of occupations with a salary of €30,000 or more where Hosting Agreements or Critical Skills Employment Permits are not applicable. In exceptional cases work permits can be issued for certain occupations with salaries of under €30,000. Work permits are issued to individual employers and are not transferable.

The following criteria must be met in order to successfully obtain a work permit.

      1. Annual salary on offer is €30,000 per annum or more (in exceptional cases the salary can be under €30,000)
      2. The category of occupation must be deemed as eligible
      3. The applicant concerned must possess the qualifications, skills and experience relevant to the particular role

Ineligible Job Categories
The following job categories are deemed ineligible in applying for a Work Permit:

      • All Clerical and Administrative positions
      • All General Operative/Labourer positions
      • All Operator and Production positions

For a more comprehensive list please review the following link

Application Timeframe
As the processing timeframe can vary significantly please refer to the following link for an accurate estimate of timeframe at time of application
New and renewal permit applications should be prepared well in advance of the proposed start or renewal date (please see the Applying for a Work Permit Section).

Application Fees

Applications were the Non-EEA national’s first Employment Permit in the state was received on or after 1 October 2014

First Application FeeRenewal Fee
€500 – six months or less€750 – six months or less
€1,000 – up to 24 months€1,500 – up to 36 months

Key Provisions and Benefits
      The key provisions and benefits of Work Permits are as follows:
      • Linked to the contract of employment offered by the relevant employer
      • A Labour market test (if applicable) must have been completed in advance of the application
      • Family reunification can take place after a one year waiting period
      • Permit not required after five consecutive years of holding a permit. A Stamp 4 can then be applied for.
      • An application fee must be submitted. The fee amount is linked to the duration of the permit

Applying for a Work Permit
The normal procedure in applying for a work permit is that a ‘Labour Market Test’ needs to be conducted in advance of the application. A labour market test requires that a vacancy, in respect of which an application for a work permit is being made, must be advertised with the FÁS/EURES employment network for at least 8 weeks and additionally in local and national newspapers for six days.

However a labour market test is not required in respect of Academic, Secondments, Visiting Academics, or Targeted Research positions. This is due to a special agreement which exists between the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment (DETE), FÁS, and the then Conference of Heads of Irish Universities (CHIU) (now IUA) under the Universities Act 1997.

For further information on applying for a Work Permit please click on the following link Applying for a Work Permit and speak to Laura (ext. 8765) and/or Catriona (ext. 7386) in HR.

Further Information on Work Permits
All terms and conditions relating to the Work Permits can be found at: https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/

Information and Support
For direct assistance on all matters regarding employment permits please contact either of our two dedicated HR Employment Permit Officers - speak to Laura (ext. 8765) and/or Catriona (ext. 7386) in HR. 

Employment Permits

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