DCU Employment Permits Guidelines

General Employment Permits

The General Employment Permit replaces the old Work Permit Employment Permit. General Employment Permits are the primary vehicle used by the State to attract 3rd country nationals for occupations which are experiencing a labour or skills shortage.

The following criteria must be met in order to successfully obtain a work permit.

      1. Annual salary on offer is €30,000 per annum or more (in exceptional cases the salary can be under €30,000)
      2. The category of occupation must be deemed as eligible
      3. The applicant concerned must possess the qualifications, skills and experience relevant to the particular role

Ineligible Job Categories
The following job categories are deemed ineligible in applying for a Work Permit:

      • All Clerical and Administrative positions
      • All General Operative/Labourer positions
      • All Operator and Production positions

For a more comprehensive list please review the following link

Application Timeframe
As the processing timeframe can vary significantly please refer to the following link for an accurate estimate of timeframe at time of application
New and renewal permit applications should be prepared well in advance of the proposed start or renewal date (please see the Applying for a Work Permit Section).

Application Fees

Applications were the Non-EEA national’s first Employment Permit in the state was received on or after 1 October 2014

First Application Fee Renewal Fee
€500 – six months or less €750 – six months or less
€1,000 – up to 24 months €1,500 – up to 36 months

Key Provisions and Benefits
  • The key provisions and benefits of Work Permits are as follows:
      • Linked to the contract of employment offered by the relevant employer
      • A Labour market test (if applicable) must have been completed in advance of the application
      • Family reunification can take place after a one year waiting period
      • Permit not required after five consecutive years of holding a permit. A Stamp 4 can then be applied for.
      • An application fee must be submitted. The fee amount is linked to the duration of the permit

The application process

An application for any employment permit must be received at least 12 weeks before the proposed employment start date.

An application can be made online on the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS). There is a User Guide (PDF document) available on the online system which guides the applicant through the process and details the documentary requirements for each employment permit type.

Before you start your application please see our General Employment Permit Checklist (PDF document) which will assist the process.

There are up to three stages in the passage of an employment permit application:

  1. Application received (awaiting processing): Once an application is submitted and the associated fees, if appropriate, are recorded the application is then placed in the relevant processing queue depending on the Employer type, that is, Trusted Partner or Standard. Please note that applications are processed strictly in date order by Employer Type and applicants can keep track of our current processing dates. They can also check the progress of their specific application online on our Online Status Update Enquiry facility.
  2. Processing stage: This stage is where the application is considered by a decision maker, an official with decision making authority. The processor may request additional information, if required, which should be returned within 28 days. The processor will then either grant an application or refuse it for specific reasons.
  3. Review: Where an applicant wishes a refusal decision to be reviewed then he/she may do so within 28 days on the prescribed Submission of a Decision for Review Form. The review will be considered by a separate and more senior official. The confirmation of a refusal decision on review does not preclude the applicant from submitting a new application following all of the relevant procedures for the specific employment permit type.

Further Information on Work Permits
All terms and conditions relating to the Work Permits can be found at: https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/

Information and Support
For direct assistance on all matters regarding employment permits please contact askhr@dcu.ie who will direct your query to the relevant Business Partner.

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