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Critical Skills Employment Permit

Critical Skills Employment Permits are issued for occupations where a high-level strategic skills shortage exists. Critical Skills Employment Permits are issued for a duration of two years and therefore an application for a Critical Skills Employment Permit is dependant on a job offer of two years or more. Permits are issued to individual employers and are not transferable.


The following criteria must be met in order to successfully obtain a Critical Skills Employment Permits:

  1. Annual salary on offer is €60,000 per annum or more
  2. The annual salary can range from €30,000 to €59,999 for an exceptional list of occupations please review Appendix A of the following link for a list of same
  3. Job offer must be for 2 years or more
  4. The applicant concerned must possess the qualifications, skills and experience relevant to the particular role

Application Timeframe

As the processing timeframe can vary significantly please refer to the following link for an accurate estimate of timeframe at time of application https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/Current-Application-Processing-Dates/

Critical Skills Employment Permit applications should be prepared well in advance of the proposed start or renewal date (please see below for the Applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit Section).

Application Fee

There is an application fee of €1,000 applicable for a Critical Skills Employment Permit of two years in duration.

Key Provisions & Benefits

  • Linked to the contract of employment offered by the relevant employer
  • Issued for a two-year duration, therefore the contract must be for a period of two years or more
  • Allows for immediate family reunification
  • Application process is swift (excluding VISA application process)
  • After two years an individual can apply for a GNIB card Stamp 4
  • An application fee of €1,000 must be submitted

Applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit

For further information on applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit please click on the following link and speak to Laura (ext. 8765) and/or Catriona (ext. 7386) in HR.

Further Information on Green Card Permits

All terms and conditions relating to the Green Card Permits can be found at: https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/Workplace-and-Skills/Employment-Permits/

Employment Permits

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