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A Hosting Agreement facilitates the admission of third country researchers to EU Member States, including Ireland, for the purpose of carrying out research. As the scheme negates the need for a Work Permit, it facilitates the swift and efficient recruitment of researchers. Only employed researchers on contract issued by universities or other accredited organisations can avail of the Hosting Agreement scheme in Ireland. 


A Hosting Agreement applies to non-EU National academic research staff with the appropriate higher education qualification.

The typical positions it would be applicable for are: Research Assistant; Postdoctoral Researcher; Research Fellow; Senior Research Fellow or a Lecturer who is engaged in research. It does not cover technical, administrative or academic staff i.e. Lecturers not engaged in research. 

There is a minimum salary threshold for applications of €23,181 for a person without dependents, and €30,000 for a person with dependents.

Application Timeframe

Although the timeframe for the approval of the application is swift, taking approximately 1 to 2 weeks, the line manager and applicant should bear in mind that other factors can significantly lengthen the application process. These factors would include funding approval confirmation, staff request approval and contract issue, entry visa requirements and international post. Bearing this in mind all new Hosting Agreement applications should be prepared at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed start or renewal date (please see the Applying for a Hosting Agreement Section).

Application Fee

There is no application fee required for a Hosting Agreement.

Immigration fees related to visa and GNIB registration applies, find more information here:

Key Provisions & Benefits

The key provisions and benefits of the Hosting Agreement Scheme are as follows:

  • Linked to the contract of employment offered by the relevant employer in Ireland
  • The duration of the scheme must be for a minimum of 91 days to permanent employment
  • Allows for immediate family reunification, i.e. a researcher can bring their immediate family (spouses and children only) to Ireland from the start of their employment
  • Application process is swift (excluding VISA application process)
  • After two years an individual can apply for a GNIB card Stamp 4
  • No application fee involved

Applying for a Hosting Agreement - HR Contacts

For further information on applying for a Hosting Agreement please email askhr@dcu.ie who will direct you to the relevant HR Business Partner. 

Further Information on Hosting Agreements

All terms and conditions relating to the Hosting Agreement Scheme can be found on the Euraxess website here.

For information and guidance for visa required applicants visit ISD website

For a list of accredited research organisations visit DFHERIS website

Alternatively you can contact Dr. Magdalena Wislocka (Head of EURAXESS Ireland) in the Irish Universities Association EURAXESS Research Mobility Office. This office provides researchers with comprehensive advice on Research Mobility in Europe and the Hosting Agreement scheme http://www.euraxess.ie/

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