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DCU Futures Learning Journey

DCU is fundamentally transforming its undergraduate curriculum in DCU Futures to develop our students' personal agency as they move into an evolving world transformed by ever advancing technologies. Our objective is to create a radically different undergraduate learning experience that will foster the development of graduates who can flourish in the 21st century, living a life that they have reason to value  and that is of value to society. This major initiative will help us transform the learning experience of undergraduate students at DCU by re-conceptualising learning opportunities, creating authentic connections between the classroom and enterprise, and embedding digital literacies, disciplinary competencies and key transversal skills, to enable our graduates to thrive in a rapidly changing workplace. 

The skills our staff and colleagues need in order to deliver this innovative learning experience are changing. HR Learning & Organisational Development have curated a number of workshops that will further build skills to help Academic colleagues in particular to deliver on DCU Futures. We’ve engaged with institutions globally to understand best practice of curriculum innovation and the skillsets that will be of benefit to colleagues.  Click each of the links to find out more…