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DCU Pensions - Frequently Asked Questions

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DCU Pensions - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I reach retirement age (65) in the middle of an academic year?

A. Staff who reach retirement age (either 60 or 65) during the course of the academic calendar year may, if the department requires and subject to the approval of the relevant Head, continue to work until the end of the academic year in the year that they retire. The last day of each academic year is considered to be the 30th September.

Q. I have service with another public sector organisation, can I transfer this service? Do I have to buy it if I follow up on it? Why is my service with my previous employer (public sector) not included?  

A. Under approved arrangements you are able to transfer your service to or from a variety of public sector organisations such as the civil service, the local authority and health sectors, the Garda Síochána, the Defence Forces, the teaching sector and certain other state or semi state bodies. The Pensions team will be able to advise you of the full extent of these transfer of service arrangements. If you are newly-appointed, you should notify the pensions team of any previous employment.

Q. Can I obtain a refund of my contributions in any circumstances?

A. Your contributions less an appropriate deduction for income tax, will be refunded to you if you resign with less than 2 years’ reckonable service and are not entitled to transfer your service

Q. What is a Pension Adjustment Order?

A. In the event of judicial separation or divorce, a Court Order for a Pension Adjustment Order in respect of the retirement or contingent benefits (benefits arising from death in service) payable to or in respect of a married member may be sought and made. Further information about the operation and impact of Pension Adjustment Orders may be obtained from the Pensions Board.

Q. Who does the Spouse & Children’s Scheme apply to? And Can I opt out?

A. The Scheme applies to any person who became a pensionable employee after a specified date (1 January 1980 for male members and 1 July 1985 for female members). It is obligatory to join the Scheme and you must remain in it.

Q. Do I stop paying pension when I reach the maximum 40 years reckonable service?

A. No. You must continue to pay contributions in the case of the Main Scheme until retirement even if this means your total service is in excess of 40 years. You will however receive a refund of any Spouse & Children contributions in excess of 40 years based on your earliest contributions.