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Retired Staff Member

Retirement Function

In thanks for your contribution to this institution, a retirement function is held to mark your retirement from the University.  When you retire, we will contact you with details of this event.

Annual Pension Declaration

A declaration, for audit purposes, will be sent to you annually to be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the DCU Superannuation Scheme.  This is standard practice and all retired staff are required to complete this declaration.

University Services Available to You Post-Retirement

Library - As a retired member of staff, you will continue to have access to the Library facilities and retain full borrowing rights. You are eligible to receive an ALCID card for academic libraries in Dublin. The Library also provide letters of introduction to other libraries throughout Ireland, as appropriate. You need your DCU retired staff ID card when using the library. In order to have your retired staff ID card activated, please present it to the Library Issue desk on your first visit to the library.  

Computer Services - Retired staff will retain their DCU email account and can continue to email individual staff members and receive all staff emails. Accounts remain active providing similar access as a DCU staff member.  Relevant updates for retirees will be circulated via a retiree group email account.

Car Park - The DCU multi-storey car park can be availed of by purchasing a €7.00 ticket. The ticket is a 6-day pass and is valid for a period of three months.  In order to purchase this ticket please go to the Security Office on the ground floor of the car park. Access can also be gained on a one off basis, by paying the standard hourly rates.  

DCU Sport - DCU Sport facilities will continue to be available to retired staff.  Membership rates for DCU Sport will be at the reduced staff membership rates, covering individual/family/couple membership.  You can join or renew your membership by completing a staff membership form and stating on it that you are a retiree. The application form and rates are available on the DCU Sport website, or you can call in directly to DCU Sport. Deductions for your membership can continue as normal through payroll.

Catering - Access to all restaurant facilities on campus will continue as normal, eg. 1838 Club, Student Restaurant etc. Private bookings for the 1838 Club will be facilitated; cash or credit card payment will be accepted. In order to access these facilities, please note that you may need your DCU retired staff ID card.

VHI - If you are a member of the VHI scheme your membership to the scheme will automatically continue.  If you wish for your membership to cease you must contact VHI directly to arrange this.

Public Sector Retired Members Life Cover - DCU retirees, who were member of the Group Life Plan, will automatically become members of the Retired Member’s Group Plan upon retirement. Cornmarket will write to individuals directly and you will be given the option to opt out. The Plan provides for the payment of a tax free lump sum to your estate on your death.