Training of Staff

DCU Staff Bystander Intervention Programme 

Through the four online modules, you will explore definitions of sexual harassment and consent, how to overcome barriers to intervention, and how to intervene safely if you witness problematic behaviour. This training course was developed by UCC and rolled out in universities across Ireland for both staff and students.

Access the Staff Bystander Intervention Programme through Loop here: https://loop.dcu.ie/login/index.php

Use the enrollment key 'staff'.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

The DCU EDI Team arrange regular disclosure training sessions in partnership with Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. This training helps to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to support a student or staff member who disclosures an experience of sexual violence as well as key information on how to practice self-care in the wake of receiving a disclosure. 

If you, or your team would like to arrange to participate in this training please contact the team by emailing equalitydiversityinclusion@dcu.ie


Active*Consent have developed a helpful e learning resource about how to sensitively respond to receiving a disclosure of sexual harassment and / or assualt. This free 20-minute Active* Consent awareness-raising video introduces staff working in Irish higher education across a variety of areas to:

  • Key findings from Active* Consent’s years of research with students on consent, sexual violence and harassment that aid understanding of the stakes of these issues
  • Basic definitions of consent, sexual violence and harassment
  • Quick tips for supporting a student or colleague if they disclose negative sexual experiences to you
  • Where to go to get more information and support

Responding to disclosures of sexual violence

This short document, Responding to disclosures of sexual harassment and/or assault provides you with some general information for how to sensitively respond to disclosures of sexual harassment and /or assault.  The information in this document was sourced from both Active*Consent and the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre