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EDI eLearning

Our EDI in HE online module makes up part of the DCU Essential eLearning and is available for all DCU staff to participate. 

The Let's Talk About Race online module raises awareness of the reality of racism in HEI's and provides you with tools and actions to equip you to be actively anti-racist

Originally developed by UCC, the Bystander Invention online training is now available to all DCU staff via Loop. The enrollment key is 'staff'.

Find out how Unconscious Bias can impact our behaviours and our decision making processes.  This training is essential for those with managerial responsibilities and all interview panelists.

Digital accessibility is key to inclusion, as it provides more equal access for students and staff to engage with institutions, their services and related educational materials in multiple ways. 

AHEAD have developed three excellent introductory digital accessibility skills modules that are freely available to take in your own time at at your own pace. Upon completion you will receive a digital badge in recognition of the training you have undertaken.   

The Equality and Human Rights in the Public Service eLearning course is a great starting point to build your understanding of equality and human rights law in Ireland. The modules will also support you to better understand the organisation’s statutory obligations under the Public Sector Duty.

Equity is a very important concept in today’s workplace. In this Equity First: The Path to Inclusion and Belonging course, instructor Mary-Frances Winters helps you gain a better understanding of what it is, shows you some of its benefits, and offers some practical advice on fostering equity in hiring, promotions, and development.

Workplace diversity and inclusion is a key priority. Hiring managers need to be able to locate, hire, and onboard diverse candidates. This Recruiting Diverse Talent as a Hiring Manager  course is a guide that can help you develop a diversity hiring strategy, increase your candidate pool, and remove bias from your screening and interview process.

By going from bystander to upstander, you can help to maintain a supportive environment where staff and students are able to do their best work. In this From Bystander to Upstander course, you will be introduced to tools and strategies to become an upstander and an ally. Learn how to build an upstander culture and develop the skills you need to speak up if you encounter inappropriate behaviour.  

Most of us are learning about allyship and anti-racism for the first time. In this How to Engage Meaningfully in Allyship and Anti-Racism learning path, you will discover the foundational skills—mindset, communication, and advocacy—you need to be an effective ally and champion for anti-racism. 

Discover ways to effectively lead diversity efforts through this Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Leaders and Managers learning path. Leaders can learn how to recognize the business need for EDI, create a truly inclusive workplace, communicate honestly and effectively, recognise their own biases, and celebrate the differences of others.

Inclusive work environments can yield greater creative output, boost employee morale, and result in better outcomes. Making progress towards true workplace inclusivity, can be a challenge. Sometimes this is due to cultural misunderstandings. In this Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion course , you will learn why cultural competence is key to the success of EDI initiatives, as well as how to assess and grow your own cultural competence.