DCU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report

DCU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - 2022 Annual Report

EDI 2022 Annual Report

Prof Daire Keogh

Professor Dáire Keogh, President of DCU

Introduction from Prof Dáire Keogh, President of DCU

When we talk about the promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we often hear it described in terms of being a ‘journey’. Looking back on the past year, it is gratifying to see the University’s positive direction of travel, as we work together to ensure that the DCU community is a place where everyone has a voice and where we can all flourish.

If we measure our progress against the Athena Swan framework, then the University achieved a great deal in 2022. During the year, DCU Business School, the School of Mathematical Sciences, the School of Biotechnology and the School of Physical Sciences attained an Athena Swan Bronze Award. At an institutional level, DCU continued to implement its ambitious gender action plan, with oversight from the Athena Swan University Self-Assessment Team (SAT). The next step will be the development of the University’s plan for the Athena Swan Silver Award, which will address a broader range of actions across the EDI spectrum. 

DCU’s collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions resulted in a successful pilot of the Vista programme, a pilot self-development initiative for women at mid-career stage, both professional and academic, in the sector. Meanwhile, the engagement of female DCU staff in the Aurora programme and the Preparing for Academic Advancement (PAA) programme signalled colleagues’ continuing interest in leadership and self-development. It is perhaps no coincidence, then, that we saw an overall increase in female representation in senior academic positions in 2022. The report also provides a summary of DCU’s first Gender Pay Gap report. 

We certainly have more to do regarding this metric, but we can find some comfort in the fact that the gap is significantly below the national average.

As I said at the outset, the creation of a university community that is egalitarian, diverse and inclusive is a long-term project, a journey. It is one that requires the active commitment of staff and students to living the DCU values. I am delighted to see the high level of engagement with our EDI training and development opportunities, covering topics from Anti-Racism to Autism Awareness to LGBTQ+ Allyship. It is truly encouraging to see the way in which DCU staff have embraced these opportunities, with over 530 attendees during the year. We’re not there yet but we continue to travel in the right direction.

Shows Deputy President of DCU Professor Anne Sinnott

Professor Anne Sinnott, Deputy President of DCU 

Professor Anne Sinnott, Deputy President and Vice-President for Diversity and Equality

In 2022, our dedication to promoting EDI continued to be woven into the fabric of our institution, ensuring that all members of the DCU community flourish in an environment that values and respects the richness of human diversity.

With each milestone achieved, we remain inspired by the dedication and passion of our staff. Your contributions, both large and small, have helped shape an environment where diversity is embraced and where every voice finds its resonance. Let's continue to collaborate, learn, and celebrate the strides we make towards a more inclusive DCU.

Shows Director of HR in DCU Gareth Yore

Gareth Yore, Director of HR at DCU

The Future of EDI at DCU

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has always been at the core of how we operate in DCU. Over the past number of years I have been delighted to see the significant growth of our EDI function to enable us to explicitly call out the importance of EDI and to work with stakeholders across the DCU community to ensure that all our activities reflect this ethos. 

I am also delighted to note that Inclusivity has been added as a value in our new strategic plan Transformation for an Unscripted Future 2023-2028. I particularly welcome this development not just because it is a value that we all believe in, but because it sends an explicit message of belonging to our staff community. The message I want to convey as Director of HR is that every staff member should feel that they belong in this community and that everything you do is important. 

This in turn places EDI at the forefront of everything we do. Every activity we undertake and every interaction we have with our stakeholders should reflect the value of inclusivity and the broader ethos of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. This is a responsibility for all of us and should be complimentary to all our daily actions. 

EDI will continue to play a critical function of everything we do at DCU. Not because it is a legislative or compliance requirement, but because it reflects our values, ethos and aspiration of working in an inclusive community that fosters a sense of belonging. 

Gareth Yore, Director of HR at DCU

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