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DCU Research Career Framework

Professional Development Opportunities for Researchers

Professional development is the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of knowledge, skills and competencies. It is a major focus of the Career Framework and aims to ensure researchers can meet the demands of their roles, and be in a position to maximise opportunities within DCU and develop a wider career path. It is also intended to support PIs in delivering excellence in research at DCU.

Participating researchers are facilitated in developing a broad range of specific and transferable skills that they need to acquire to be successful in their chosen career. These include Research Skills (e.g. understanding of relevant research methodologies), Communicating Research (e.g. communication skills) and Understanding the Research Environment (e.g. knowledge of intellectual property and commercialisation).

The Framework recommends that researchers participate in four days development per annum.

To support researchers in their development, DCU offers a wide range of programmes for researchers. 

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The following activities can also be counted towards the four days development:

  • Shadowing researchers in their field
  • Participating in or attending conferences
  • Participating in research seminars to demonstrate expertise, knowledge gained
  • Online learning
  • Teaching activities
  • On-the-job training (for example, learning from a more experienced researcher with a particular focus on the framework's competencies)