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DCU Research Career Framework

Progression through the Research Career Framework

Level 2 - Research Fellow - is the intermediate level to the Research Framework

Eligibility -
PhD plus a minimum of four years relevant experience at Level 1 or its equivalent.

Probation - All researchers shall complete a probationary process in their first year of employment
with the University to ascertain their suitability for continued employment.  For further detail please
refer to Probation.

PMDS - All researchers shall complete an annual performance review through the Performance Management
Development Scheme.  (Except in the first year of employment as a researcher will go through the probation
process).  For further details please refer to PMDS.

Ongoing Development - A key aspect of the Framework is the provision of ongoing development opportunities
for the researcher.  These development opportunities can be summarised under two categories:

    Training - Professional development programmes shall be in place for each level of the Framework.  For further
    detail please refer to Learning & Development.

    Teaching - Researchers shall be expected to undertake teaching activities that shall not normally be more
    than 50 hours per annum.  The basis for this provision is that the researcher benefit from professional development
    opportunities within mainstream academia.  For further detail please refer to Teaching.

Progression - Eligibility to apply for a promotion to the next level requires that the researcher has fully participated
on the Framework and therefore has successfully completed their probationary period and/or a 12 month performance
review (PMDS).  Please note that progression will always be subject to available funding.

Please also refer to Researcher Development Lifecycle.