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Project Management for Researchers and Academics

Research and Innovation Support and the Trianing & Development section of Human Resources
are running this workshop for researchers and academics.

Dates:   27th and 28th May 2014
Course Duration:
2 Days

Target Audience:

Researchers and academics who are currently managing projects or who are likely to manage projects in the future.

Aims of the course:

This workshop aims to provide an introduction to Project Management for researchers and academics and will focus
on the skills of project management such as planning, tracking, analysing risk and managing teams. 

This course also aims to:
•  define the scope of a project and develop a project proposal
•  estimate budget and manage resources
•  identify, prioritise and manage risks
•  highlight the issues related to contracts and proposals including intellectual property
   (SFI and other funding bodies will be discussed here)
•  examine how to lead project teams and manage relationships with partners, sponsors and other stakeholders
   in the project.

Course Fee:  €75.00 (charged to your school/unit/centre)

If you would like to apply for this course, please enrol here.