Learning Spotlights

Learning Spotlight: Microsoft Word


Since launching in 1983, Word has been the standard in word processing and creating documents. Having strong skills in Word will make you more nimble in your day-to-day work, and give you the edge when working with large and complex documents.


Clipboard: An area of memory that temporarily stores a cut or copied selection

Indent: The space between text and the margin

Tab: Used to align or position text in a document.

Hyperlink: A link from a document to another location, activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image.

Page Break: A command that ends a page and starts a new one.


Course: Getting Started with Word (40 mins): This beginner’s course will help you to learn how to format documents, add images and organise document layouts.

Videos: Quick Tips & Tricks (90 mins): This collection of videos will give you tips and tricks you never knew you needed to be more proficient with Word.

Youtube Tutorial: Beginner’s Level 1 (29 mins): Useful tutorials on creating, formatting and saving documents.


Learn how to Create Forms in Depth (1 Hour 32 Mins) that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate using Word.

Explore how to use Word's Mail Merge In Depth (2 Hours 20 Mins) to quickly build personalised documents in bulk, everything from personalised letters and envelopes to labels and email messages using names, addresses, dates, and amounts due.

Test your knowledge of Microsoft Word terms using this Flashcard Quiz.


The key to retaining the skill you learn for applications like MS Word is to put them into practice straight away. We recommend having a Word document open and practicing what you learn as you go!

Regularly challenge yourself to create better documents making use of the vast functionality available in Microsoft Word.