Learning Spotlights

Learning spotlight: Social Media Learning


We are living in an increasingly digital world. Having knowledge of social media and what platforms are out there is really important. Social media can also help to build your personal brand or how we market and communicate for work purposes. Either way, it’s a fascinating topic to learn about.


Bio: a short bit of explainer text that explains who the user is.

Direct Message (or DM): a private message on Twitter and Instagram.

Follower: a person who subscribes to your account in order to receive your updates.

Snapchat: a social app that allows users to send and receive time-sensitive photos and videos known as ‘snaps’.

Tiktok: a fast-growing app with bitesized looping videos that can have musical overlays.


Video: Which Social Media Platforms to use (3 mins): a short and snappy overview of each social media platform and how to choose between them.

Video: Writing Copy for Social Media (4 mins): Learn some tips from a Marketing expert on writing posts for social media.

Facebook (5 mins): Facebook’s help centre can give you all the information you need to get set up and make the most of your Facebook presence.

LinkedIn Blog (5 Mins): For details on how to get set up and started on LinkedIn, check out the LinkedIn 101 blog.

Instagram Help (10 Mins): Start with a review of Instagram’s features how to keep your account safe. Why not discover what Reels are and how you can unlock creativity using Reels?

Twitter Help (10 Mins): Start with the Using Twitter pages. Following, Tweeting, replying, Retweeting, and DMing are all you need to master the basics.

TikTok (5 Mins): You need to set up an account to find out more, but the help section will guide you through how to make your first video and more.

Snapchat Creators (5 Mins): This Snapchat basics guide will show you through how to set up an and get started on the platform.



Course (109 mins): Introduction to Social Media Marketing explains how to plan and create social media content with the aim of furthering your organisation’s goals.

Course (47 mins): Find out how social media can help increase your presence, visibility and personal brand with Personal Branding on Social Media.

Course (56 mins): Learn how Leaders can embrace and incorporate social media into their organisational roles with Social Media for Leadership.


It’s a good idea to carry out a social media audit every once in a while. To do this, take stock of what platforms you’re on, what posts have had a good response and review your security permissions. You can use a more indepth audit to refine and repurpose what you use social media for.