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Learning Spotlight: Time Management


Time management skills benefit every aspect of your life. Learning how to manage your time wisely will improve your work-life balance and increases your productivity and happiness. It will also help you relieve stress and achieve your goals inside and outside work.


Pomodoro Technique: A popular time management method where you alternate pomodoros — focused work sessions — with short breaks to promote concentration and stave off mental fatigue.

Procrastination: the act of delaying or putting off tasks until the last minute or even past the deadline.

Time audit: Keeping track of and analysing what you do during the day


1. Have you tried adding Google Tasks to your Google Calendar to organise your work? If not, this is an excellent way to get work done.

2. Taking time to reflect on how you spend your time is a good way of reining it in. Use Squarespace’s Time Audit template to give this a go.


There’s no better way to embed time management skills than attend, Learning and Organisational Development’s workshop.


Read (7 mins): Be More Realistic About the Time You Have will help you avoid the 'magical thinking' that leads to overestimating how much you can get done in a given day.

Videos: Try these Bitesize Time Management Tips:

Audio course: 15 Secrets Successful People Know about Time Management (8 mins)


Course: (1 hour 30 mins): 5 simple time management tips to reduce distractions and stay focused on what matters: 5 Ways to Control Your Time

Audio (4 mins): Properly analysing the tasks on your todo list with a focus on energy can help you achieve more – A better way to organize.

Article (6 mins): excellent tips on productivity, some of which will surprise you.

Audio course (18 mins): Learn how to strategically plan your day based on emotional patterns, seize the day by understanding your chronotype, take well-timed breaks, and more.