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Maternity Leave | FAQ's

Maternity Leave FAQ's

Can I Take Annual Leave Before I Return to Work After Maternity Leave?

You should liaise directly with your line manager for permission in writing to take annual leave immediately following maternity leave. The agreed arrangement should be forwarded to the HR Department.
Note: Entitlement to annual leave accrues during maternity leave.

Will My Employment Service Continue During My Maternity Leave?

The period of maternity leave is considered continuous with the period of employment preceding it. However, pension service does not accrue during unpaid maternity leave.

Is My Increment Date Affected by Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave does not affect a staff member's incremental date.

I am a New Employee and Subject to a Probationary Period. What Happens to my Probation When I Take Maternity Leave?

The probation will be suspended for the period of paid maternity leave and the unpaid additional maternity leave.

How are Public Holidays that fall within the period of my Maternity Leave Treated?

Public holidays occurring during maternity leave will be offered as an extra day's leave.

I'm on a Temporary Contract which Ends during my Maternity Leave. Am I still Entitled to Paid Maternity Leave?

If the contract of employment ends whilst an employee is on maternity leave, the maternity leave also ends. However, State Maternity Benefit usually continues for the remainder of the twenty-six weeks of maternity leave.