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Background to Our DCU

The last eight years has seen a period of dramatic growth for the University with an increase of over 50% in both staff and student numbers and an expansion to a multi-campus environment (following the incorporation of St Patricks College Drumcondra, Mater Dei Institute of Education and Church of Ireland College of Education in to the University in 2016).   

In this context, Goal 5 – Value and Develop our Staff Community of the University's Strategic Plan outlines how the University will foster the development of a new staff community, by undertaking a comprehensive consultation programme focussing on culture, identity and the lived experience of staff. 


LATEST NEWS - Our DCU Fuse - 20th & 21st October 2022

We are delighted to invite colleagues across DCU to participate in two events on 20th & 21st October to provide staff with the opportunity to, not only share ideas on how to enrich the staff experience at DCU, but also to discuss the key pillars of our new strategic plan 2023 - 2028. See Strategy Overview Here

Thursday, 20th October 2022

Join one of several informal coffee mornings on DCU's teaching campuses, which will be hosted by members of the University's Senior Management Team. 

Friday 21st October 2022

Participate in a number of online conversations on Our DCU Fuse platform, which will be hosted by members of the University's Senior Management Team.


Following a three stage consultation programme which included a Staff Engagement Survey, One DCU Workshops and One DCU Fuse event, the HR Department launched Our DCU Framework and Our DCU Implementation Plan in January 2020  

The designation of One DCU to Our DCU was put forward by participants during the consultation process as they considered it to be a more appropriate and inclusive concept evoking a stronger sense of belonging and ownership. 


Our DCU Framework outlines the University’s ambition to be a welcoming, diverse community where people and ideas thrive.  The Framework identifies five key pillars that will help us to focus our efforts in creating a vibrant, cohesive staff community and culture, that is Our DCU. The five pillars identified include:   Culture, Connection, Dialogue, Recognition and Wellbeing.

The Our DCU Implementation Plan outlines a series of objectives and actions against each of the five pillars. These are a reflection of the ideas and suggestions put forward by staff via the staff engagement survey,  Our DCU Workshops and the on-line Our DCU Fuse event.  


In September 2019, DCU embarked on a three-year partnership with Barretstown to support their remarkable work for children and their families living with serious illness.

The agreement gives DCU staff and students the opportunity to ‘make a difference for Barretstown’ through volunteering, engagement, fundraising and academic initiatives. 


 Our DCU Update 2021/2022

Value and Develop our Staff Community remains a key strategic pillar in the updated University Strategy 2021 with the ongoing implementation of Our DCU Plan being highlighted as a key strategic priority.

In that context and to maintain the vibrancy of Our DCU Framework and Our DCU Implementation Plan, the HR department is facilitating a follow up consultation programme with staff which will once again include a series of workshops, a staff survey and an on-line Fuse event.  The overall aim is to publish and communicate an updated Framework and Implementation Plan by the end of 2022.   


On 20th & 21st October 2022 all DCU staff are invited to participate in a two day event to further support the delivery of the University goal - to value and develop our staff community and the wider DCU Strategy 2023-2027


On Thursday 20th October, staff will be invited to join one of several informal social coffee events on all DCU teaching campuses and on Friday 21st October all staff will be asked to participate in a number of online conversations on Our DCU Fuse Platform which will be hosted by members of the University Senior Management Team. 

In Q4 2021, a series of 90 minute workshops regarding the Our DCU Programme were hosted via Zoom.   

During the workshops, colleagues participated in breakout sessions to explore the 5 pillars that underpin Our DCU Framework, namely Culture, Connection, Dialogue, Recognition and Wellbeing. 

A summary report of the outputs from these workshops can be found below. 


The Staff Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion Survey was circulated to staff in December 2021.     The survey aims to support the University in gaining a better understanding of the staff experience as we continue to shape the culture of the University.   The survey results will enable us to benchmark and track progress and inform the actions we need to take to improve and enhance the employee experience.   


The results show that there is a strong sense of optimism and pride about DCU, that staff are enthusiastic about work and belonging to DCU, but that we need to attend to and strengthen certain areas including our communication and employee wellbeing.   


Overall there is a significant shift and positive improvement in a number of areas that were previously explored in the Staff Engagement Survey in 2019. Full details of the results can be found here