Payment for Correcting end of Semester Exam / Assessments

Am I Eligible?

The following staff members are eligible to claim for correcting end of semester exam / assessments.

    • Assistant Professor (formally Lecturer Above Bar)
    • Lecturer (formally Lecturer Below Bar)
    • Teaching Assistant


What can I claim for?

Payment for the correction of assessments / examinations is based on the principle of one payment per student per module. The rate of payment is determined by the module credit e.g. 5 credit module €2.52, 10 credit €5.04. Payment can be made for assignments / exams that contribute towards student's overall assessment for a module.

For example:
A module may include two methods of assessment e.g. an assignment worth 40% of the module and an end of semester examination worth 60%. The module in this example is a five credit module with a rate of payment of €2.52. Therefore the staff member correcting the assignment can claim 40% of €2.52 per student (i.e. €1.00) and the staff member correcting the examination can claim 60% of the €2.52 (i.e. €1.52).

How do I claim?

    • Ensure that you are eligible to claim.
    • Complete all sections of the Payment for Marking Exam Scripts Form [HRF009.2] in full. Claims can only be processed if forms are completed in full.
    • When the form is completed by you it must be signed by the Head of School or his / her nominee.
    • Once completed and signed the form should be submitted to the relevant contact in your Faculty office and / or School Office who will then submit the form to HR for processing.
    • Any queries should be directed to your Faculty in the first instance.


When should claims be made and when is payment processed?

  • All claims for the previous academic year must be submitted by January of the following year
  • Claims will only be processed for payment for the current and previous academic year
  • Claims can't be processed until after the publication of results in each exam session.  We will endeavour to process payments within three months after this point.


Payment for Correction of end of Semester Exam / Assessments Form