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Here you will find information regarding scheme membership whether you are joining the University for the first time, looking for ways to maximise your benefits, retiring or considering resigning from your post.

There are 3 public service superannuation schemes in operation at DCU, and our campus companies run their own private scheme.


I joined DCU before 1st January 2013


DCU Superannuation Scheme

The Dublin City University Superannuation Scheme is a ‘pay as you go’ scheme. It is a defined benefit scheme. This means that superannuation awards are based on years of service and final salary.

The Dublin City University Survivor' and Children's Scheme provides pensions for the survival and/or dependent children of a member who dies in service or after qualifying for a pension or preserved pension.

You will find the 2014 Member's Regulations Booklet here

Your entitlements are based on when you joined the public service:

  • I  joined before 6th April 1995: access Explanatory Booklet 1 to find out about the provisions of your scheme.
  • I joined after 6th April 1995 and before 1st April 2004: access Explanatory Booklet 2 to find out about the provisions of your scheme.
  • I joined on or after 1st April 2004: access Explanatory Booklet 3 to find out about the provisions of your scheme.
I joined the Public Service for the 1st time from 1st January 2013 / returned after break of 26+ weeks


Single Public Service Pension Scheme (post 2013 employees)

If you joined the Public Sector on or after 1st January 2013, please access Explanatory Booklet 4 and the following video link to find out about the provisions of your scheme.

Databank Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to all members, pensioners and other beneficiaries of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme whose personal data may be stored in the Single Scheme Databank that is managed by the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform.

The Department of Public Expenditure & Reform is committed to complying with its obligations to ensure that any personal data it holds is treated in an appropriate and lawful manner.

This notice explains why and how personal data within the Databank is obtained, maintained and processed by the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform and how you can exercise your information rights.  


New staff

Current staff 

Approaching retirement

Retired staff

Leaving DCU

Ill-Health Retirement
I was a member of the Colleges of Education Pension Scheme prior to incorporation


Colleges of Education Scheme

The Colleges of Education Superannuation Scheme applies to staff from St Patrick's College and the Church of Ireland College of Education who were members on 30th September 2016 and transferred to DCU with effect from 1st October 2016.

Learn about the provisions:

I am employed at a DCU campus company


DCU Campus Company Scheme

The DCU Commercial Designated Activity Company (DAC) pension scheme applies to all eligible staff of DCU Language Services DAC, DCU Invent DAC, Campus Residences DAC, DCU Commercial DAC, UAC DAC, Campus Property DAC, Trispace DAC and Dublin Software Park DAC.

The scheme is administered by: Lockton Insurance Brokers Ireland Limited

Millennium House, 55 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1

Contact: Mark Ruddy | Tel: (086) 8582064  |  E-mail:


Campus Company scheme: