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Maximising your benefits by way of Purchsse and Transfer Facility

Sample statement of retirement benefits based upon Grades

Single Scheme

Early retirement

Cost Neutral Early Retirement: The Scheme provides that a member who has reached age 55 may retire early on an actuarially reduced (or cost neutral) basis. The benefits paid are reduced by reference to the member’s age at resignation in accordance with actuarial tables approved by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

Early Retirement on Medical Grounds: In cases of medically certified incapacity to work, immediate payment of pension benefits accrued to point of retirement with no actuarial reduction is provided for in the Scheme for members with more than two years’ service. In such cases, regulations will be made to provide for enhanced benefits payable, having regard to factors such as the member’s career to date and expected career to retirement. For members with less than two years’ service, a gratuity of 8.5% of pensionable remuneration per year of service is paid.

Death benefits

In the event of death in service, a lump sum is payable to the estate of the deceased equal to twice annual pensionable remuneration at time of death.

Survivor’s Pension

50% of a deceased member’s pension is payable to a spouse or civil partner. In addition, in cases of one, two or three eligible children, 1/6th of member's pension is payable per child; in cases of four or more eligible children, one half of member's pension divided by the number of children is payable per child. These children’s pensions are doubled if the non-member spouse is also deceased.

Disputes resolution guidelines

The Disputes Resolution Procedure has been established to deal with claims or disputes in which a person believes s/he has sustained financial loss or any dispute of fact or law in relation to an action taken by a person responsible for managing the Superannuation Scheme.

In the first instance you should contact the HR representative dealing with your queries. If, after this process, your issues remain unresolved please refer to Stage 1 of the Internal Disputes Procedure.

Stage 1 Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure 

If, after completion of Stage 1 of the Internal Disputes Resolution, you remain unsatisfied you can appeal your case to the HEA and/or the Pensions Ombudsman for determination. Please refer to Stage 2 below.

Stage 2 External Disputes Resolution Procedure

Appeal to the HEA (An tÚdaras) and/or the Pensions Ombudsman (if appropriate)