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Sick Leave - Employee Checklist

When an employee is unwell:

  • Notify your Manager, by telephone, at the earliest opportunity on the first day of your absence
  • Indicate whether or not a certificate will be furnished and your likely return to work date
  • Text or email is only acceptable when you attempt to telephone your Manager, are unable to get through and/or are unable to leave a voicemail
  • Submit a medical certificate for any absence of 3 days or more
  • If you are unable to attend work for more than 3 days you must claim Social Welfare Illness/Injury Benefit (For Class A PRSI employees only)   
    • Ask your doctor for an IB1 form
    • Once completed, your form should be returned by hand to your local Social Welfare Office or by post to Social Welfare Service, PO Box 1650, Dublin 1
    • Illness benefit is paid directly to the employee by Social Welfare.  Therefore deductions will automatically be made from your salary by the payroll office (Please note that the option for illness payment to be paid to the employer should NOT be selected on the IB1 form.  In all cases staff should select for payment to be made directly to themselves)
  • For Longterm Sick Leave (20 consecutive working days or more), employees should:
    • Maintain regular contact with their Manager to keep them informed of their progress and likely return to work date
    • Submit a weekly medical certificate to their Manager/Head of Department or HR (On occasion, monthly medical certificates may be submitted with the agreement of the Manager, in consultation with HR)
    • Attend any appointments with the University Occupational Health provider if requested to do so
    • Provide a fitness to return to work certificate for any continuous absence of four weeks or more

Ongoing employee responsibilities:

  • Attend work as per contract of employment
  • Take responsibility for your own health, safety and welfare
  • Advise your manager of any circumstances that may affect your attendance
  • Familiarise yourself with the University's Sick Leave Policy
  • Comply with the provisions of the University's Sick Leave Policy
  • Comply with the notification and certification requirements within in the University's Sick Leave Policy
  • Ensure that you are fully aware of who to contact, by telephone, to advise of a sick leave absence
  • Avail of appropriate support services, as necessary
  • Cooperate fully with reasonable rehabilitative measures to facilitate a return to work as quickly as possible
  • Minimise absences arising from accidents or ill health by complying with health and safety requirements

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