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Probationary Process Toolkit - Common Queries

Probationary Process - FAQs

Q1: Is this compulsory?

Yes, the probation process is a condition of employment and you are required under the terms of your employment contract to engage full in the process.

Q2: Do I have a choice of Reviewer?

No, the person whom you report directly to, i.e. your Line Manager, will be the person who conducts your probation assessments.

Q3: Who will have sight of my completed probation assessment form?

You, your Line Manager, Learning & Development, and in certain circumstances appropriate members of the Senior Management of the University, will have sight of your completed probation assessment form.

Q4: What happens if I disagree with the conclusions of my Line Manager with regards to my performance?

Should you disagree with any of the comments / conclusions of your Line Manager that were discussed during your probation assessment, you should outline these comments to your Line Manager and include them in the relevant section(s) of the form. Please note that while you may disagree with elements of the assessment the ultimate decision maker on your performance levels is your Line Manager. Therefore, the onus is on you to meet the required performance standards.

Q5: Can I apply for other roles while on probation?

Employees will normally be ineligible to compete for other vacancies in the University while under probation.

Q6: Is probation applicable upon promotion?

Yes, where an employee is promoted to a higher grade, a probation period of 12 months will apply.

Q7: I have been acting into a role for over 12 months and have just been regularised, does probation apply?

Where an employee is acting into a role and the acting arrangement is renewed, the probation period will continue to apply until a total of 12 months service at the higher grade has been achieved.

Q8: What happens if my Line Manager deems my performance to be below standard?

In the event that you receive a negative performance assessment through the probation process you will be given the opportunity to improve your performance and appropriate supports will be provided if applicable. If the negative assessment of your performance leads to the risk of the extension of your probation period, or to the risk of termination of your employment, you will be afforded the right to respond and the opportunity to improve performance levels.

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