Researcher Career Framework (RCF)

Find out about what are considered teaching activities on the RCF.

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Teaching activities:

  • Teaching includes, tutoring, informal mentoring, lab supervision, supervision of students on projects and the updating and design of course notes and materials etc
  • The researcher will not undertake the same level of responsibility as a fulltime academic staff member and will not be responsible for a full programme and/ or module. 
  • In the event that a researcher is allocated lecturing, tutoring or lab supervision duties, hours spent on pre and post teaching activities count towards the 50 hours ceiling.
  • The activity can be undertaken at any time of the year (i.e. outside of term), for example, tutorials for repeat examinations in the summer etc.
  • Teaching activities are considered to be part of the role of the Researcher and no additional remuneration applies.
  • Teaching activities will be allocated by the relevant Head of School. 

The following processes are associated with the Framework:

  • All new entrants are required to complete a probationary process. Outside of the normal probationary process, an annual performance evaluation is conducted through the Performance Review and Development (PRD) process. 
  • General terms and conditions of employment under which researchers are employed will consistent within each level of the Framework irrespective of the funding source.

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