Researcher Career Framework (RCF)

Interview Process

The interview process is conducted as per the normal DCU recruitment process.

Prior to the interview, the Human Resources department prepares an interview book for each member of the Selection Board, which includes the following:

  • A copy of the advertisement for the post
  • The post description and the selection criteria
  • A schedule of all candidates called for interview
  • A copy of the application material submitted by the candidates
  • Referees' reports if appropriate
  • An Interview Assessment Form for appointable candidates
  • Selection Recommendation Form in the copy of the chairperson's interview book for signature by the Selection Board members

References provide useful additional information concerning candidates, and can significantly aid recruitment recommendations and decisions. Referees, who should always be persons with current knowledge of the candidate, are provided with copies of the advertisement and the job description and are asked to provide their opinion of the candidate's suitability for the post. HR requests references in advance of the interview and circulates the received references to all members of the Selection Board on the day of the interview. In the event of a reference not being received by HR prior to the interview, the interview process continues as planned.

Procedures for the Interview Process
Interviews are conducted in an appropriate venue in a professional manner. Questions must be in keeping with the provisions of Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination legislation. When seeking information from candidate, questions should be directly related to the selection criteria and the post to be filled. 
The role of the Chairperson of the Selection Board is crucial as it is his/her responsibility to co-ordinate the interview and to ensure that it is conducted fairly and without discrimination or bias. He/she will be required to:

  • In conjunction with the Human Resources Officer, make the necessary introductions of the Selection Board members to the candidates and explain the format of the interview process
  • Ensure that each candidate feels sufficiently at ease to be able to communicate effectively during the course of the interview
  • Ensure that the Selection Board has gathered sufficient information on each candidate to enable a valid assessment to be made regarding the candidate's suitability for the post
  • Conclude the interview and inform each candidate of the next stage of the process
  • Coordinate the Selection Board in the assessment of the interviewed candidates and seek agreement from the Board on the rank order of the candidates who are deemed suitable for appointment to the position

Determining the Recommended Candidate
The ranking and selection of the candidates must be based on all aspects of the role criteria, the Framework Competencies and any other part of the selection process. This includes written application, interview, presentation (if appropriate to the competition), research publication record, referees' reports, and any other aspect of the selection criteria.

Documenting the Selection
The Chairperson’s interview book for each candidate needs to be completed by the Chair of the board. The Interview Assessment Form is one of the two forms which need to be completed as a recording of the interview. The form captures the board’s assessment of each candidate against the role criteria and the Framework competencies.
The information contained under these headings should summarise the entire board’s assessment and should also clearly outline why a candidate is deemed appointable or unappointable. There will be a five point rating system for the competencies and all details regarding same will be contained in the interview book.
The Staff Selection Report Form which is included in the Chairperson's interview book also needs to be completed .The completed form should list the names, in rank order, of those candidates deemed suitable for appointment to the post and the appropriate level of the Framework on which they are to placed. All members of the Selection Board should sign the Staff Selection Form.

Video Conferencing
Usually, a candidate is expected to attend in person. However, in certain circumstances, a video conference can be used as an alternative. 

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