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Sick Leave - Access to forms

Sick Leave - Forms

Staff who pay Class A* rate of PRSI may be entitled to Social Welfare benefit for absence due to illness in excess of five days. To claim Social Welfare Illness/Injury Benefit

(1) Ask your doctor for an IB1 form

(2) Once completed, your form can be returned by hand to your local Social Welfare Office or by post to Social Welfare Services, PO Box 1650, Dublin 1.

(3) Illness Benefit is paid directly to the employee by Social Welfare. Therefore, deductions will automatically be made from your salary by the payroll office.

Please note that the option for illness payment paid to the employer should NOT be selected on your form. In all circumstances staff should select for payment to be made directly to themselves.


*All public servants recruited after 6th April 1995 pay Class A rate PRSI.  If you were recruited before that date you pay Class D rate PRSI.  Further details are available from Revenue, Citizen's Information Bureau or DCU Payroll if required.