Staff Request Application

Accessing & Using the DCU Staff Request Application

You must be set up by HR to use the Staff Request Application (SRA). See Need Help section below.

How do I access the system?

Go to and enter your standard, DCU e-mail username and password. If it doesn't work first time, open an Incognito or private browsing window and copy the URL into the new browser window and try again. 

How to open an Incognito window

If you still can’t log in make sure you're using the correct URL. Important: it must start with https: 

How do I logout of the system? 

The browser may not close after clicking the Log Off button, but rest assured you're logged off. Close that browser session by clicking the browser's close button (red X).


How to submit a standard staff request
How to submit a research-funded staff request in DCU
How to submit a part-time casual staff request in DCU

 How to submit a standard DCU Campus company staff request

Learn More:

If none of the videos above address your query, have a look at our DCU user manual. You can dig deeper by downloading the developer's version of the user manual.

Need help?

Contact us with any questions!

Joe Maxwell
HR Officer
01 7007070

Yvonne Kennedy
HR Systems Assistant
01 700 8576