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Human Resources

Human Resources

DCU Staff Mentoring Scheme - FAQ

How will mentees be matched with mentors?

The scheme will match mentees with mentors using the information on the expression of interest forms.

For Academic staff, mentoring relationships will be created between people whose academic interests are not too close, which might result in the mentor becoming another supervisor,  focusing on day to day work rather than focusing on the mentee's professional and personal development. Generally the scheme will try to make matches between people who are not from the same School, but who are from the same Faculty or a closely related Faculty.

If a mentee identifies a more senior academic they would like to be their mentor and received that person's agreement to take part in the mentoring scheme, then the scheme will try to accommodate that request.

In the case of Administrative staff, a match will be made with a senior administrative staff member from a different unit and in some cases a senior academic staff member.  The mentor will not adopt the role of supervisor / manager.

For Research Staff, the mentor will be a senior research or academic staff member.