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Human Resources

Human Resources

DCU Staff Mentoring Scheme - FAQ

What principles underpin the DCU Mentoring Scheme?

  • It is a mentee-led process – the mentee sets the meeting schedule (in consultation with their mentor) and prepares agenda for each meeting
  • DCU Mentoring is non-directive in its approach
  • Mentoring is a confidential process. The mentor will only disclose information when they believe there is a serious danger to the mentee or others if the information is withheld. Please see FAQ on Will I be able to speak freely to my mentor/mentee?

  • The mentoring relationship is based on trust and mutual respect where the mentor empowers the mentee to take responsibility for their learning and career development

  • The mentor is not expected to intervene on behalf of the mentee in any way

  • Mentors will be provided with appropriate advice and supports before their first meeting with a mentee

  • Mentor-mentee commitment will be for 12 months maximum

  • Mentor-mentee will complete evaluation forms at the mid point and end point of the scheme

  • Mentoring is a distinct and separate process to PMDS

  • Mentors are not required to keep records