Wellbeing at Work

 We want DCU to be a great place to work!

DCU values the well-being of all staff and is committed to maintaining and promoting a work environment that supports staff throughout their career with the University.

Now, more than ever, it is important that each and every one of us look after ourselves and each other.

DCU HR provide a range of policies, programmes and initiatives that put staff wellbeing at the centre of everything we do. 


Initiatives and Schemes  

Employee Assistance Service - EAP is a confidential mental wellbeing support service for all DCU employees and their immediate family members (18+) to resolve personal or work related concerns. This service is available to all DCU staff and campus company staff. The service includes a Support Hub that provides instant access to a range of  information, guidance, screening and intervention tools, tailored specifically to help care for your wellbeing. Full details of the service is available here 

DCU Group Income Continuance Scheme - This scheme protects your salary against the impact of illness or disability, providing you with a replacement income should you fall ill and become unable to work. Further Information available here

Early Intervention Programme - As part of your membership of the DCU Group Income Continuance Plan, Cornmarket have introduced the Early Intervention Scheme (EIS).  This scheme aims to support staff in their return to work following an illness or injury at no additional cost to the member.   Members should contact Cornmarket if they have been absent for a continuous period of 4 week period. Further Information

Health Insurance - DCU facilitates voluntary health insurance schemes with VHI through payroll.

Travel benefits - DCU supports your travel needs via the Cycle to Work scheme, as well as the Travel Pass Scheme

Maternity/Paternity Buddy Scheme - DCU supports staff who are preparing for, taking or returning from maternity, paternity or adoption leave by providing access to a ‘buddy’. Further Information available here.

Occupational Health - Occupational Health is concerned with the prevention of ill health and work related injury. The university provides a number of Occupational Health supports.


There are many types of leave available to DCU staff: Additional Leave Scheme, Adoptive Leave, Annual Leave, Carer’s Leave, Compassionate Leave, Extraordinary Leave, Force Majeure Leave, Leave of Absence, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, Paternity Leave, Sabbatical Leave & Sick Leave.


Learning and development also provide a wealth of courses, a number of which, such as Building your Resilience and Time Management, cover your personal wellbeing. Many courses are available as online workshops. We encourage staff to look out for our weekly email updates, as well as to check out our schedule of courses

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