New student research exchange between DCU and Notre Dame

Exciting new student research exchange with Notre Dame

This summer, four DCU undergraduate students and four students from the University of Notre Dame will take part in an exciting new undergraduate research exchange. 

Identifying co-benefits for climate mitigation

Using case studies of green spaces in Ireland and the United States, this student research project aims to identify whether co-benefits for climate mitigation and adaptation are supported or constrained where green spaces and water bodies are concerned. 

Environmental management

Students at Notre Dame and Dublin City University (DCU) will work for eight weeks in international teams to undertake research examining potential co-benefits and challenges arising from environmental management of water bodies and green spaces in both locations.

Head of DCU’s School of History and Geography, Dr Susan Hegarty said: "This is a great opportunity for our students to work in a multidisciplinary, international team on a research project that will have a real impact on the future of both cities." 


Project Director of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative, Dr Danielle Wood said: "We are really excited about this international collaboration. This is the first year of what will be a very fruitful project between the two universities and student groups."

Climate and Environmental Sustainability 

Four participating DCU students have completed their first year in the BA in Climate and Environmental Sustainability (BCES) which is one of the 10 new programmes in the 4-year DCU Futures project. DCU Futures is part of the Government’s Human Capital Initiative that will fund a radical reimagination of the university's curriculum to enhance innovation and agility for future skills needs.

More about the new student exchange programme

BCES students Leo Carroll and Aaron McNiffe will travel to Indiana to work with Notre Dame students Maggie Barrett and Daniel Ringrose alongside Dr Danielle Wood and Dr Jennifer Tank, while Notre Dame students Kyle Bass and Brendan McFeely will travel to Dublin to work with BCES students Katherine Molloy and Natalia Rembas alongside Dr Darren Clarke and Dr Susan Hegarty.

Pictured above:

University of Notre Dame

  • Dr Danielle Wood, Project Director of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative, University of Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation 
  • Eimear Clowry, Senior Associate Director, University of Notre Dame Dublin Global Gateway 
  • Maggie Arriola, Assistant Director for Internships and Communications, University of Notre Dame Dublin Global Gateway


  • Professor Lisa Looney, DCU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Registrar
  • Dr Blánaid White, Dean of Strategic Learning Innovation in DCU
  • Prof Derek Hand, Executive Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dr Darren Clarke, School of History and Geography
  • Dr Susan Hegarty, Associate Professor in the School of History and Geography

DCU Students

  • Leo Carroll
  • Aaron McNiffe
  • Katherine Molloy
  • Natalia Rembas