Primary Department
School of History and Geography
Chair: BA in Climate & Environmental Sustainability, Assistant Professor in Climate and Environmental Change
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Phone number:
01 700
St Patrick's Campus
Room Number
SPD D307

Academic biography

Darren Clarke is an Environmental Geographer whose research spans topics including Global Environmental Change, Climate Change, Environmental Policy and Governance, Adaptation, Social Vulnerability and Environmental Psychology. He has experience in teaching both physical and human geography modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is the current Chair of the BA in Climate & Environmental Sustainability programme.

His research focuses on the dynamics of adaptation as a social and governance issue and how transformation of vulnerable communities can be facilitated in adapting to external shocks, with a particular emphasis on understanding climate change/environmental change and its impacts on social behaviour and actions. His research to-date has focused on transformative change, which is recognised by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a crucial strategy if societies are to respond to climate change in a sustainable and equitable manner.

His interests are therefore at the forefront of global environmental change discussions. Moreover, given the diversity of fields which his research addresses, it is inherently interdisciplinary in nature. 

Research interests

Climate change policy and governance

Climate adaptation

Environmental psychology

Transformative change

Flood risk management

Climate change and society

Transport sustainability