Undergraduate Programmes


Through the lens of geographical sciences, this innovative programme will prepare students for work in climate and environment-related fields. Organisations are increasingly relying on location intelligence to make decisions and students on this programme will gain invaluable skills in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), to learn how to gather and analyse spatial and climate data.

Students will also engage with such topics as climates and climate change, environmental history, the evolution of Ireland’s physical landscape and sustainable environments and policy. 

You will also engage in a residential field module as an integral part of this programme, which provides an opportunity to collect environmental data and engage with environmental and climate issues at a local scale, as well as encouraging learning from seeing real-life challenges. 

This programme will equip you with a unique set of skills in spatial data analytics and visualisation, and the knowledge to understand the challenges facing industry and policy makers today. Potential future career opportunities for graduates from this programme include environmental consultancy, sustainability management, climate science and health geography. 


The object of the History programme is to provide students with a sound historical perspective, to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to evaluate critically historical information, and to engage in historical reconstructions.  

This is achieved through a range of modules dealing with the history of Europe, America and Ireland in all periods and phases.  The primary focus is the modern era, but substantial opportunities are also provided for students to focus on Ireland in the first millenium and during the medieval era.

The School has research strengths in Irish revolution, history of Science, Modern European history and history of Ireland in the eighteenth century, and teaches to these strengths while engaging with broader historical context also.

History graduates find careers in which they can use their skills in research, critical analysis and written communication such as historical research and writing, journalism, teaching, government agencies, business administration, museums, politics and publishing.

What our students have said:

  • I really enjoy the subject and want to continue learning about the past. (1st year)
  • The Lecturers are all very approachable and helpful. (2nd year)
  • The programme has completely broadened my historical understanding. (2nd year)
  • I throughly enjoyed my three years studying history.  All the lecturers have been so helpful and approachable and this enhanced the experience. (3rd year)
  • The courses are extremely interesting; I was delighted with my choice. (3rd year)


Geography teaches the processes of physical and human systems and shows how they have changed the surface of the Earth in the past and present.  Learning about geography also helps students learn how to make decisions that affect the environment, the surface of the Earth, and the need for global interdependence among countries throughout the world.

Our geographers have specific interests in Irish historical geography, how Irish towns and cities have developed, how our cities are used by their citizens and how our landscape has evolved.  They look forward to being able to share this knowledge with you. 

Geography is an excellent subject to have as part of a degree.  Graduates have found many pathways after a degree with Geography, including teaching (secondary and primary), planning, environmental consultancy, humanitarian aid work and a wide range of other careers.

What our students have said:

  • The programme encourages you to put yourself out there e.g. with presentations - in 1st year I was so shy and would not speak in front of people, now can speak during lectures and in front of groups. Gives you guidance but doesn't spoon-feed, makes you do your own research.
  • Friendly lecturers, good mix of online / classroom based work and use of continuous assessment puts less pressure on students at exam time.
  • Lecturers are easily approached and very helpful. Content covered in lectures and modules varies and allows the student to learn about aspects one would not think of outside of the Geography programme. Valuable computer skills are attained along with learning how to map different information.
  • I've had a great three years studying Geography.  It was a risk for me choosing Geography as I did not study it for the Leaving Cert, but I am so glad I chose it as I have loved every minute of it!
  • Studying Geography at DCU has not only widened my knowledge of the physical world but it has also developed a deeper understanding and awareness towards historical, social and political geographies.  It helped shape my perspective with both current national and international affairs and has given me an opportunity to discover and research aress that interested me throughout my studies!

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