History and Geography

The School of History and Geography, DCU shares a focus on Ireland – its geography, history and landscape. The coming together of these subject areas has resulted in a school that is unique in Ireland in its interdisciplinary range and research potential, and that is well placed to play a leading role, nationally and internationally, in Irish History and Geography and in Irish Studies.

The School promotes a student-friendly approach and actively engages in community outreach. Both its administrative and academic staff are easily contacted and available to advise and to help.

Who we are

The constituent subject areas in the school are integral to the expanded Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours) programme. The school provides a unique combination of innovative and established courses, different from that offered by any other institution in the state at undergraduate level. At postgraduate level, the school offers an MA in Irish History, and is expanding its Doctoral programme in order to consolidate and develop its reputation nationally and internationally as a focal point of research in Irish History, Irish Geography and Irish Studies, and to develop expanded collaborations between existing schools in the Faculty.