Essential Concepts of Environmental Communication by Pat Brereton

An A to Z Guide on Essential Concepts of Environmental Communication

New book on Environmental Communication launched by Professor Pat Brereton will help students and scholars grasp the interconnecting key concepts within this ever-expanding field of study.

Congratulations to Professor Pat Brereton from DCU's School of Communications on the upcoming launch of his new book - Essential Concepts of Environmental Communcation, an A-Z Guide, published by Routledge.

According to the author, aligning climate change and environmental learning through media and communications remains one of the most important concerns within environmental communications, particularly particularly taking into account the post-COVID challenge of sustainability.

Who should read this book?

This new book is a must-read for those working in communication and policy-making areas related to the environment, as it provides an up to date exploration of environmental and sustainable development models at a local and global level. The A to Z guide also makes it an ideal reference for students and scholars alike as it examines the interaction between environmental and media communications at all levels.

Book launch

The book will be launched tomorrow on 5th May at the conclusion of the inaugural conference hosted by the DCU Centre for Climate and Society where Prof Brereton is Co-Director. The event will take place in room E218 on DCU's St. Patrick's Campus, Drumcondra at 5.30pm with special guest Irish filmmaker Robert Walpole. RSVP to 

About the author

Pat Brereton is a Professor in the School of Communications at DCU and alongside teaching on a Masters in Climate Change, he is a co-Director of the Climate and Society Research Centre. His research interests include a focus on film, ecology, new media and creative writing.