external visits

External visits

The work of the ISL STEM Glossary builds on a rich history of similar projects internationally.  We always like to collaborate with others who have been involved in similar projects.

In early 2018, Elizabeth travelled to the USA to meet those involved in glossary work or science eductaion there.  First, she visited Gallaudet University where she met with Dr Caroline Solomon who is a Deaf Scientist lecturing in biology at Gallaudet University.  She also met with Maths lecturer James Nickerson.  She then travelled north to the National Technical Institute of the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology where she met with Prof Geoffrey Poor who has worked on a STEM Glossary for American Sign Language.  She finally visited colleagues in Boston University who collaborate on their Glossary project with The Learning Center.

Later in 2018, Valerie Mahon (project co-ordinator) travelled to Scotland to visit the Deaf Science Club at the Glasgow Science Centre. This Club runs for children aged 6-14 and aims to engage them in science education through fun hands-on workshops and exciting demonstrations.  

Image of five women, some wearing labcoats, standing around a skeleton in a science lab