Fake news discussion

Dublin Law & Politics Review to host 'Fake News, COVID19 & Policy Making' online discussion on 20 October

What effect does fake news has upon implementation of policies? And how can we counteract fake news?

Fake News, disinformation and COVID19 are often mentioned in the same sentence. These issues will be discussed with five experts from legal, policy and media perspectives. The panel will be chaired by Dr Maria O’Brien, researcher in Media & Policy, and will host the following panelists.

Fritz Siregar, Electoral Commissioner, Indonesia: Fake News & Policy Implementation

Dr Eileen Culloty, Researcher, Future Media: Dissuading the public to share Fake News

Ethan Shattock, Researcher, Maynooth: Fake News & Censorship

Barbara Gormley, Researcher, DCU Communications: Pandemics & Communication

This event takes place on the 20th of October from 17:00-18:30 Irish Standard Time

Zoom link: https://dcu-ie.zoom.us/j/99690754291