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The DCU Centre for Climate & Society brings together perspectives from across the social sciences and humanities to shed light on how we can shape effective and fair responses to climate change and broader environmental challenges. The Centre provides a focal point for DCU's large and growing expertise in these areas, and underpins our teaching on the MSc in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society.


The Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction (IICRR) brings together authoritative analysis of the Northern Ireland peace process and expertise on the international politics of regions in conflict and post-conflict rebuilding from Kosovo to Kashmir. It is also engaged in thematic issues such as terrorism on the internet, mediation, gender equality, and development-security linkages. The IICRR offers cutting-edge taught programmes and works with civil society partners and governments, so that our evidence-based knowledge is relevant and accessible to those involved in practice.


The Socio-Legal Research Centre aims to foster a research environment in which academic scholars, visiting researchers and PhD students can engage in high quality socio-legal scholarship, both as individuals and collaboratively. The Centre conceives of socio-legal research in a broad sense: as research that is cognisant of the impact of legal systems, processes and rules in the broader societal settings in which they apply, and of the impact of broader societal factors – such as disadvantage, isolation, technological advancement, social and cultural diversity, migration, globalisation etc. – on legal systems, processes and rules. Along with national and international peer-reviewed journal articles, books and other individual publications, the Socio-Legal Research Centre publishes the annual Socio-Legal Studies Review.


Given the multifaceted legal, political and economic implications of Brexit, Dublin City University (DCU) has established the Brexit Institute with the aim to explore how Brexit impacts on government, business and society at large. The DCU Brexit Institute operates as a hub and a magnet for the analysis of Brexit, both from an academic and a policy perspective. Through the organization of regular events the Brexit Institute provides a leading platform to document and debate developments in the relations between the UK and the EU.


The Ireland India Institute, at Dublin City University, supports collaboration in education, research and knowledge exchange between Ireland and India. The Institute builds on the political and cultural affinities between the two countries, and their record of historical links, to develop a greater cultural awareness of India in Ireland. Its primary aim is to act as a knowledge exchange hub that links DCU and Indian academics, with cultural organisations, civil society organisations, public institutions and business in Ireland and India.


The Pathway Project, ‘They Are Here Too', is a new research project focused on the challenges of countering gender violence in migrant communities in Ireland. It will lead to policy recommendations and launch of a community space aimed towards enhanced interactions within these communities. The project's podcast, ASHA, will be launched soon.