Recent PhD Graduates | Law and Government

Recent PhD Graduates 

NameYear of GraduationThesis Title
Cornelia-Adriana Baciu2019Civil-Military Relations and Military Transformation in Fragile and Insecure States Receiving Support under the EU Global Strategy. Evidence from Pakistan
Chris O'Connell2019Policy Switching by Left Populist Presidents in Latin America: The Influence of Civil Society
Catherine Connolly2019Investigating the Relationship Between Targeted Killing, States of Exception and Kriegsraison: Effects on Public International Law
Mohd Tahir Ganie2019The Language of Contention: The Case of the Post-2008 Kashmiri Youth Narratives
Mohsen Moheimany2019Identifying Political Opportunities in Iran: Systematic Variation in Policy Networks - The Cases of Women’s-Rights and Environmental-Protection NGOs
Arpita Chakraborty2018Violence, Religion, and Masculinism in Contemporary India: an analysis of the writings of Vivekananda, Golwalkar, and Gandhi
Orla Lehane2018Countering Violent (Online) Extremism: A Grounded Theory Study into Grassroots CVE Practitioners
Donna-Marie McNamara2018The criminal investigation of suspects with disabilities: the impact of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.
Clare O'Grady Walshe2018Sovereignty and Globalisation: The Case of Seed Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa
Elliott Doak2018Economic Surveillance and Financial Markets
Karl Murphy2017Why Trilogues? Determinants of the Use of Informal Negotiations in EU Codecision-making Processes 1999-2016
Erika Biagini2017A Revolution of Their Own. The Activism of the Egyptian Muslim Sisterhood and its Evolution Since the Arab Spring (1928-2014)
Chiara Loda2017The Foreign Policy Behaviour of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan
Tanja Kleibl2017“Sociedade civil? Somos todos nós!”: Civil Society, Development and Social Transformation in Mozambique
Cathal FitzGerald2016Leading to Crisis: Decision-making in Ireland’s Celtic Tiger
Ian Kelly2016Regime Elites and Transitions from Authoritarian Rule: A Comparative Analysis of the Tunisian and Egyptian Uprisings
Priyanka Talwar2016Representing Conflict: A Study of the Indian Government’s Use of Legitimisation and De-legitimisation in its Internal Security Policy
John Quinn2016The Corporate Objective: Reinterpreting Directors’ Duties
Míde Ní Shúilleabháin2016Pity the Land that Needs a Hero: Political Discursive Strategies of Identity (re)production in Contemporary France
Akisato Suzuki2015Nationalism, Rivalry, and Revisionist State Behavior: A New Theory and Empirics in the Post-WWII Era
Eamonn McConnon2015The Security-development Nexus as Risk Management: A Multiple-donor Case Study of the Coordination of Security and Development in US, UK and Canadian Policy
Des Delaney2015Resolving Recognitive-power Dilemmas: The Everyday Experience of Sunni Muslim Individuals in Dublin, Ireland
Mary Hyland2015Rising to the Occasion? Trade Union Revitalisation and Migrant Workers in Ireland
Aurelie Sicard2015"Reframing" the Postwar Moment: The Impact of UNSCR 1325 (2000) on Gender Relations in Post-conflict States – The Case of Sierra Leone
Peter McCrossan2015The Political Economy of EU Interregionalism
Francoise Joly2015The Responsibility to Protect: From Doctrine to Practice ‘R2P’ and Protection of Civilians: Case Study: DRC
Darren John McStravick2015The Irish Restorative Reparation Panel and the Search for Community: Idealised Rhetoric or Practical Reality?
Jennifer Brown2015The Legal Powers to Detain the Mentally Ill in Ireland: Medicalism or Legalism?
Diana O'Dwyer2014'Global Civil Society' and Hegemonic Global Governance: A Gramscian Analysis of the NGO Campaigns to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munitions
James Fitzgerald2014Between the Lines: 'Al Qaeda' 'Islamic Extremism' and the Authorship of Critique
Gëzim Visoka2014Disentangling the Impact of Peacebuilding: Intentionality, Consequences, and Responsibility
Elvin Gjevori2014Institutionalisation and the Politics of Memory in Albania
Gemma McNulty2014Latin America’s Left Turn: El Factor Indígena The Role of Indigenous Social Movements in Latin America’s Left Turn
Joseph Hiney2014Politics, Path Dependence and Public Goods: The Case of International Container Ports
Dawn Walsh2014With A Little Help From Our Friends?: Independent Commissions and the Mediation of Issues in Post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland
Rory Finegan2014Targeted Killings in Northern Ireland: An Analysis of their Effectiveness and Implications for Counter-terrorism Policies
Jean Somers2014Transnationalism, Power and Change: Three Decades of Debt Campaigning