Akisato Suzuki | Law and Government

Akisato Suzuki 

I am interested in the causes of conflict and peace, nationalism, and research methods. My regional focus includes China-Japan, India-Pakistan, and Greece-Turkey.

Thesis title
Nationalism, Rivalry, and Revisionist State Behavior: A New Theory and Empirics in the Post-WWII Era

Under what conditions does nationalism cause revisionist foreign policy? To answer this question, the thesis draws on social identity theory and interstate rivalry theory, and tests hypotheses by a mixed-methods research design of large-N statistical analysis and small-N case studies.

Publications (as of April 2015)
Suzuki, Akisato. 2015 forthcoming. “Is More Better or Worse? New Empirics on Nuclear Proliferation and Interstate Conflict by Random Forests.” Research and Politics.

Suzuki, Akisato, and Neophytos Loizides. 2011. “Escalation of Interstate Crises of Conflictual Dyads: Greece-Turkey and India-Pakistan.” Cooperation and Conflict 46 (1): 21-39.

Suzuki, Akisato. 2011. “Partition and Conflict Transformation in India-Pakistan and Cyprus.” Federal Governance 8 (2): 54-62.