(Annelieke) Anne Marieke Mooij | PhD student

(Annelieke) Anne Marieke Mooij

Annelieke is a Ph.D. student at the School of Law and Government of the Dublin City University. Having a background in Constitutional and Administrative and Private Law (Dutch and European). She has done her internship with two of the Dutch most prestigious law firms; AKD Rotterdam and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek in Amsterdam. Her main interest lies in the central banking sector and its constitutional arrangement. She is also active as the Chair and co-founder of the Dublin Law and Politics Review where she has seen the society grow into a large legal-political discussion platform. In addition she writes for RTE Brainstorm publishing short articles to make European Law more accessible to the public.

In her PhD she examines the change in mandate of the European Central Bank and the accountability system. Whereby she focusses on the question of how to balance accountability and technocratic decision making.


Masters in Jurisprudence Private Law and Constitutional and Administrative Law, LLM Cum Laude Tilburg University.

Bachelors in Jurisprudence, Tilburg University

Bachelors in European and International law, Tilburg University


Prof. Federico Fabbrini

Thesis Title

The Accountability and Independence of the ECB post euro-crisis.

Thesis Abstract

The balance between accountability and independence is a difficult one. Central Banks need to be able to conduct monetary policy without too much political interference. The European Central Bank in particular is one of the most independent Central Banks globally. Its mandate was, however, also very restricted and narrow. During the financial crisis the ECB undertook various actions that were unconventional. My research examines how these actions impacted the mandate of the ECB. It furthermore discusses whether this impact requires a new critical analysis of its accountability structure. This assessment is done against the light of the actions, mandate and accountability of the United States Federal Reserve Bank. By comparing the two banks more insight will be gained into how accountability and independence relate, and whether the ECB’s accountability structure needs change.

Areas of interest

European Union Law, Central Banking Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law.


AM Mooij, 'The Weiss judgment: The Court’s further clarification of the ECB’s legal framework: Case C-493/17 Weiss and others, EU:C:2018:1000' [2019] 26(3) Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 


Financial Law Conference, Durham University 2018

Trinity College Dublin Research Conference, 2018

Limerick Research Conference, 2018

Teaching/Guest lectures 

Advanced European Law, 2018/2019

Summer schools/workshops 

ICourts Summerschool Copenhagen University 2019

Honours & Awards

Certificate of Completion Topklas 2012-2014, (Tilburg University)

Certificate of Completion Outreaching Excellence Programme 2012-2014, (Tilburg University)

Victoria International Leadership Programme 2013, (Wellington University, NZ)

Tilburg University Challenge Programme 2013, (Tilburg University)

Scholarship for excellent students 2010, (Tilburg University)

Email: anne.mooij2@mail.dcu.ie

Twitter: @Anne_M16