The Law & Politics of Brexit: International Conference

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The Law & Politics of Brexit: International Conference

Dublin City University will bring together Europe’s leading experts and key policy–makers to discuss the constitutional implications of Brexit and propose possible solutions. The two-day event will take place after Article 50 has been triggered, giving it the potential to be the first high-level academic and policy gathering of its kind.

Brexit calls into question consolidated assumptions on the finality of the EU. It simultaneously opens new challenges – not only in the institutional fabric of Europe, but also in the constitutional settlements reached at the local level, e.g. in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

While the path toward a full withdrawal by the UK remains clouded in uncertainties, a comprehensive legal and political analysis of how Brexit impacts is of the utmost importance. This conference will:

  • Consider how Brexit will be implemented legally and politically.
  • Examine the implications of Brexit on the constitutional structure of the UK, as well as on the status of Northern Ireland and relations with Ireland.
  • Examine the implications of Brexit on the constitutional structure of the EU, focusing on a number of key areas of EU policy-making, notably the Area of Freedom Security and Justice and Economic and Monetary Union.
  • Look into the mid to long-term future, and discuss the prospects for relaunching the EU after and beyond Brexit.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Opening Keynote Speech: Ireland and the UK after Brexit

Prof. Brian MacCraith, President of DCU

Panel 1: Brexit: Politics, Process, Prospects

  • Chair: Robert Elgie - Professor of Government, School of Law & Government DCU
  • Kalypso Nicolaidis - Professor of International Relations, Oxford University The Politics of the Brext: The Transformation of the European Order
  • Paul Craig - Professor of English Law, Oxford University: The Process of Withdrawal: How will Britain pull out of the EU?
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti - Professor of International Trade Law, Bocconi University Milan:  The Prospects for the UK after Brexit: How can Britain trade with the EU and the World?

Panel 2: Brexit and Constitutional Change in Regional Perspective

  • Chair: Iain McMenamin, Professor of Government, School of Law & Government, DCU
  • Stephen Tierney - Professor of Constitutional Theory, Edinburgh University: Brexit and the English Question
  • Sionaidh Douglas-Scott - Anniversary Professor of Law, Queen Mary University, London: Brexit and the Scottish Question
  • John Doyle - Professor of International Conflict Resolution & Dean, DCU: Brexit and the Northern Irish Question

Matheson Dinner Keynote Speech: Brexit: A View From Private Practice

  • Chair: Gary Murphy, Head of School of Law & Government, DCU
  • Tim Scanlon, Partner at Matheson Law Firm

Friday 21 April 2017

Panel 3: Brexit and Constitutional Change in European Perspective

  • Chair: Stefani Weiss, Director, Brussels Office, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Deirdre Curtin - Professor of European Law, European University Institute: Brexit and the EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
  • Michele Chang - Professor of Political Economy, College of Europe Bruges: Brexit and the EU Economic and Monetary Union
  • Catherine Barnard - Professor of EU Law, Cambridge University: Brexit and the EU Internal Market

Panel 4: Beyond Brexit: relaunching the EU?

  • Chair: Flavio Brugnoli, Director, Centro Studi Federalismo Marlene Wind - Professor of European Politics, University of Copenhagen: Brexit and Euroscepticism: Will Brexit be Emulated Elsewhere?
  • Uwe Puetter - Professor of EU Public Policy & Governance, Central European University: Brexit and the EU Institutional Balance of Power: Toward a New Equilibrium?
  • Federico Fabbrini - Professor of European Law, DCU Brexit and EU Treaty Reform: A Window of Opportunity?

Concluding Keynote Speech:

  • The Future of Europe Chair: Federico Fabbrini - Professor of Law, DCU